Bande-annonce pour Mise en abîme, la deuxième enquête d’Hugo Delatour.

Aujourd’hui, c’est mon anniversaire alors j’ai décidé d’offrir cette petite présentation en attendant la publication du roman en juillet 2018.


Shrewsbury, my love, mon Amour

It was love at the first sight between us. Delicate, refined, untamed, beautiful. Mysterious. Mistress and « femme fatale », Shrewsbury put a spell on me nearly fifteen years ago. She is always on my mind and under my skin. When I wrote Danse Macabre, I knew that just like Hugo Delatour, she would be another character in my novel. Every key moment of the story takes place in one of my favourite parts of Shrewsbury: the Dingle, Palmers cafe, the different churches and the river Severn. Danse macabre is an ode to Shrewsbury and to her hypnotic beauty. I am currently translating my first novel with the help of an English friend (a special thank to the lovely lIz Tattersall) and it will be published in August 2018 on Amazon uk. I have created this little trailer using the pictures I took yesterday, on a sunny Saturday. Enjoy it…

DANSE MACABRE (bande-annonce en français)

Cette vidéo est une petite introduction à mon premier roman, Danse Macabre. J’ai pris toutes les photos hier après-midi à Shrewsbury dans le Shropshire. L’intrigue de mon roman se déroule dans cette petite ville d’Angleterre. Pour changer, il y avait un magnifique soleil. J’en ai profité. Shrewsbury est pour moi un coup de cœur. D’ailleurs, je m’engage à faire visiter personnellement les lieux du roman à tout lecteur qui me contactera…

From the darkness comes the light.

Hugo Delatour was born out of frustration. I was going through some personal turmoil. It felt like darkness, Hugo was the light. His last name Delatour is borrowed from Georges Delatour, a seventeenth century French painter well known for his use of light and  shadow. I love contrasts, they are life to me. When I wrote the first chapter, I decided my detective would be  the light in spite  of his  own darkness… It did not mean the story would be dull. I did not want my novel to be unidimensional. Again, it would be all about contrasts. I decided my characters would be like  us. Sometimes they would laugh and sometimes they would cry. Sometimes they would be strong and sometimes weak. Their life would be funny and  tragic at the same time.  Like their writer, like  the reader. 

Too often in thrillers and detective stories, characters have only one dimension. They are dark, sad and, dare I write it, miserable.

Danse Macabre is a detective novel with a sense of humour. I cant wait to share it with you

George Delatour The Penitent Madgdelen